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My Mane Care: Hydrating Hair Mask Review

Curls, curls, curls, curls, curlssss I do adore! Something about healthy hair just gets me excited and we all know that deep conditioning plays a major key in our hair’s health. Normally, I stick to conditioning with one of my go tos but when I received My Mane Care’s: Hydrating Hair Mask and read that it was not only all natural but vegan and cruelty free, I just had to give it a try. According to the package it states,” My Mane Care’s Mask is designed to hydrate, revive, strengthen and maintain your hair’s health and shine.” Did it do that? Well keep reading to find out.



Great ingredients! Olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and more make this mask complete. All of these oils together make a great combo to strengthen your hair and help with the overall health of your hair. So they definitely lived up to what they said they would do on the package. Also, after I rinsed and co washed my hair once I was done with the treatment my curls had more of a spring and bounce which is everything.




This product comes in a small pouch with only 100ml of conditioner. It claims to give you at least 3-4 uses depending on the length of your hair. Nevertheless, I expect more uses from a product ranging between $14 – $16. It would be a no go for me if I came across this on the shelf in a store. But will it last for 3-4 uses? I would say no. After applying to my medium length hair I would say I would only have one use left. Also, the application can be a bit messy due to the fact that it is an oil-based mask.

If you have ever used this mask before how was your experience?

Comment below and share your story.


Love and light always,

Danielle Darlynn

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