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Taitus Botanical’s | Product Review

Last month Taitus Botanicals sent me these amazing organic bath and body products to review and the results have been phenomenal. Taitus prides themselves in providing high-quality body care, health and wellness products that are completely natural. Another bonus is that all their products are very reasonably priced.

Lemongrass Vegetable Soap with Shea Butter


First things firsts lets get into this adorable packaging, I literally did not even want to touch the soap just because it was packaged so nicely. But was the soap just a pleasing as the packaging? Yes it was without second guessing. This soap is filled with olive oil, shea butter and other essentials and fragrances that left my body as smooth a baby. This is definitely a product that I will continue using until the complete bar of soap is gone.

Ginger Lime Body Wash


When I first opened this shower gel the first thing that stuck out was the smell. You can instantly smell the soothing ginger essential oil easing out of the bottle without even squeezing any of the body wash out of the bottle. Next, I just had to take a look at the ingredients one more time noticing not only aloe vera gel and coconut oil but water as its first ingredient. Whenever searching for a new moisturizing product water MUST always be the one of the first five ingredients(major key).After showering, I realized not only did I not have to use the entire bottle just to feel fresh and clean but I felt so rejuvenated.

Ginger Lime Moisture Creme


Moisture creme? Two words LOVED IT! This creme is filled with some of the best ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera gel, grapeseed oil and more. The consistency is flawless unlike other body cremes this creme is light, soothing and doesn’t have any oily residue. With one use I noticed my skin felt so silky smooth and nourishing. Definitely a creme you would love to use after a relaxing bath.

If you are interested in shopping these amazing bath and body products visit:

Love and light always,

Danielle Darlynn

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