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#DaniellesRefill: 7 Days of Self-care



Yesterday at my meetup in DC and earlier in the week in my insta-stories I talked about how I was feeling at a standstill. People automatically assume because you’re naturally a happy, strong and giving person that you’re okay. When in reality we all go through things that sometimes have us unmotivated. 🤦🏾‍♀️

I’ve been in a transition for a couple months now and during these months I’ve been staying busy, giving, planning and not pouring as much as I should into myself like how I used to at the beginning of my self-love journey over three years ago. Over the next week I’ll be going back to the basics and engaging in seven days of self-care to help re-fill my cup of positivi-☕️. I hope during these days I can inspire you all to know that noticing when something is off within you and working to improve it is apart of self-love and care. 🎶Soooo can I get a re-fillllll? 🎶in my best @ellevarner voice 😂 📝✨🌱 #DaniellesRefill

Stay tuned for a full re-cap of my week.

Love and light always,

Danielle Darlynn

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