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Nyja “Mom’s Epiphany” Vegan Journey Q & A

Many of you know Nyja as @MyEpiphany  but I know her as my sista-friend. She inspires thousands daily and even me on a more personal level. As I’m taking the steps to becoming vegan again and for those of you who are considering veganism here is a quick, honest and organic question and answer about her journey. I hope you are inspired and stay tuned for our 7 day Vegan Challenge coming soon.

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Q. What inspired you to go vegan and how long have you been?
A.”I was in a Food Politics class and learned about how the food industry is strategic with what they sell to the public. Also being pregnant I wanted to ensure my son was eating properly.”

Q. What were the first three changes you noticed in your body at the beginning of your journey?
A.“Health- I rarely get sick and if I do it is over in a day or two, energy, and stamina (hahahahahahah)”

Q.What would you eat in a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
A.“Breakfast- steal cut oats with raisins + walnuts and a plate full of assorted fruits
lunch- lettuce wraps with mushrooms, beans, onions and peppers
Dinner- vegetable and chickpea curry medley over rice.”


Q. Is it hard raising your son to be vegan at such a young age and you think he understands what he shouldn’t eat?
A.“It is not hard at all because it’s all he knows, the biggest obstacle is others understanding why I decided to raise him on a vegan diet. I think he understands but not fully, he often says is that vegan?! I’m looking forward to the day he can tell me why dairy and meat aren’t good for the body.”

Q. Describe your journey in one word:
A.“Organic (pun intended)”


Q. Have you ever considered going “Fully Raw?”
A.“Yes I have, I’m thinking about incorporating a raw day into my week.”

Q. Who are your vegan crushes?
A:“Sweet Potato Soul, Mya, & Waka Flaka.”


Q. What advice would you give someone who is considering going vegan?
A:“To just give it a try, start with going to a vegan restaurant or converting your favorite meals into vegan-friendly dishes.”



Stay updated with Nyja by following her on Instagram at @Myeiphany and subscribe to her blog Moms Epiphany. Also, her #VegansTasteBetter t-shirts will be available very soon. Stay on the look out.


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