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#NamasteComfortable with Cotton

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to join Cotton for an afternoon of Vinyasa yoga and brunch. The vibe was as they would say #NamasteComfortable. As I entered the room with my sister-friend Nyja the first thing the first thing we noticed was how they really went all out to make this influencer event one to remember.


Vinyasa Yoga was intense and even though I have been on a fitness journey for the past three months I never realized how hard yoga is. I have a new found respect for all you yogis out there.


Brunch was a variety of tasty healthy treats such as a D.I.Y parfait bar, guacamole, toast and salad catered by The Butcher’s Daughter. 

Overall the vibe was everything and your vibe attracts your tribe right? During lunch Sunita asked to sit with my sista-friend and I and we talked each others ears off. Nothing inspires me more than meeting genuine bloggers who are humble and sweet.

Thank you Cotton for this amazing event.

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