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Two Month #HHCWithDanielle Check-In

I can’t believe we’re two months into my first healthy hair care challenge. Time goes by so fast.  At the beginning of the challenge in August I maintained my hair regimen with no concerns but lets be honest sometimes doing our hair all the time can become time consuming. So in September I decided to switch it up between two protective styles.

0-1     My first style was my favorite D.I.Y of havana twists. I oiled my scalp every other day using Tropic Isle Living: JBCO and sprayed it daily with aloe vera juice. After two weeks I took them out and prepped my hair for my next style. Prepping for me is a wash routine with extra TLC followed by moisturizing my hair with Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment, Almond Jai Twisting Butter and lightly sealed with JBCO.


      Up next was a first for me, tribal braids. I loveddddd these braids, my stylist Daisa Hair Studio never disappoints when it comes to feed-in braids. She takes her time and it shows. My braids latest three weeks and the take down took no time. My hair had little shedding which is always a plus. Afterwards I did an extra special wash day routine which included my hooded steamer. I always feel like after wearing braids for a while you should always give your hair a little more care than normal simply because while your hair is protected it can be hard sometimes for your hair to stay moisturized.

It has been almost a week since I’ve been protective style free and I can definitely notice changes in my hair.  Its been said that JBCO helps not only with hair growth but possibly can help thicken your newly grown hair as well. I have been using JBCO consistently every other day for two months and I can say confidently say it has played a major part in contributing to my healthy hair growth. Also, I have started taken liquid biotin. Liquid biotin absorbs faster in your body which means all that goodness takes effect quickly. Check out an updated clip on my hair below:



For the month of October I will definitely continue giving my hair all the love it needs and having fun with more protective styles. The switch up has been fun. How have you been holding up with your healthy hair care challenge? Do you need some tips on how to keep it healthy? Check out my previous post for some inspiration.

Love and light always,

Danielle Darlynn



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